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Top reasons to choose DreamStone for Hospitality inspired projects:
  • DreamStone is Extremely Durable
    Thousands of Hours of Testing Under Extreme Conditions Shows No Wear
  • Lightweight Compared to Other Products
    Easy to Maneuver and Install
  • Won’t Stain, Easy to Maintain and is Entirely Watertight
    Ideal for Commercial Projects and High Use Shower Spaces
  • Signature Wall Patterns and Colors
    Limitless Options to Create Gorgeous, Trend-Setting Designs
  • Perfect for New Construction Projects
    Eliminates Traditional Grout Lines Causing Settlement Cracks, Mildew and Leaks
  • On-Site Customization
    Customize and Trim DreamStone On-Site for Specific Project Requirements

Add it all up and DreamStone is the perfect choice for designers with
a vision towards elevating their unique bathroom projects.


Our History
At inception, DreamLine chose to take the path less traveled and specialize in large production. Our company was founded on the belief that mass personalization of products provides strong value to our clients. We have successfully grown this belief to over 2500 designs making DreamLine the largest off-the-shelf shower door manufacturer
Global perspective and knowledge
DreamLine is a global company. This means that we are up-to-date on emerging trends and designs from all over the world. Our designers work with many prestigious international clients giving us the advantage and knowledge of the market place. We take this knowledge and foresight continuously grow and perfect DreamLine’s product lines.
Production Control
Our core belief in mass personalization, brought us to the realization that if we wanted to provide top quality shower doors at an amazing value we needed to have full production control. As a true owner and operator of our production facilities, we control quality from concept to design through engineering and production. With DreamLine, you can trust that quality is monitored from project start to finish.
By utilizing our global perspective and production control, you can be confident that our products are smart, innovative and trend setting designs.
You can complete your shower door project by choosing from our extensive core product line. We can also work with you to modify the core line or even create a new custom solution!
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett
From the beginning, DreamLine’s goal was to provide the highest value to our clients. Our company’s framework is built to fulfill client’s needs quickly with products that offer amazing quality, innovative design at an exceptional value. Partnering with DreamLine reduces your risk, your cycle time and your budget!